7. Someone changed the story


I’ve been bullied into changing the story by a character. It is the first time a character seemed to be insisting I wrote their story, and I can’t ignore it. It started with a small picture cut from a magazine of a slightly overweight girl in her early twenties. Her eyes looked sad, they seemed to implore don’t pick on me, I’ve been hurt so often. I asked what if she was a murderess?

Therefore my new idea is:

A slightly overweight, sad looking girl, an unlikely looking murderess, however she kills people if they offend her.

I’ve done some character work and feel I know her well enough, after all she did bully me. Now I’ll set her on fire and give her a conflict.

Her dilemma is she tried to murder someone and failed,  that someone is now trying to kill her. The stakes are high on both sides.

Now for the premise. First part can be gleamed from above.


Uncontrollable vindictiveness leads to ___


Disproportionate revenge leads to ___


The character should be polemic i.e a vindictive woman who kills those who offend her gets into a dangerous situation and becomes someone who desires forgiveness for herself and others. So finishing off the premise.


Uncontrollable vindictiveness leads to desire for forgiveness


Disproportionate revenge leads to desire for forgiveness

That’ll do, the next posting will be the plot.



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