1. The struggle begins

Day one is to tell what I am going to be blogging about.

A while back I made a life choice, I wanted to write fiction and I was going to do it. It was an itch I needed to scratch and crazy me had it in my head to dash out a few short stories and plays and as if by magic I would be a great writer. How dim can one be? Stuff was written, yes, and I marvelled at what a natural I was, born to it in fact. But, all that remains of that work resides on a ridiculously well encrypted memory stick, chucked to the back of a dusty shelf.

Jump back to the present and I am a lowly apprentice at the start of a long haul to be a good writer. I know that now, that’s what the last couple of years have struggle have culminated in, that piece of knowledge. I am going to blog the next tons of strife. Talk about my characters, plot ideas, what kit I use to write on, what mood I’m in, how much alcohol I’m consuming etc. I’m hoping it will be useful for me to hark back to and it would be nice to think that others, that I haven’t bullied into reading it, will find it interesting enough to follow..

Now the stage is set.

Next blog will either be about a character called Nathaniel Fripp, he is the lead in a short story under development. Or maybe it will be about my typewriter. Yes typewriter. The 1950’s marvel of mechanical engineering that sits on my writing desk and gets used. It’s astonishing what you can get off Ebay for the price of a few pints and an indian.

See you later.

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